Our general conditions of sale are sent or given to any buyer, who requests them, to allow him to place an order. They can be viewed on our website "". By the sole fact of ordering, the buyer acknowledges having read and accepted our general conditions of sale. Any clause to the contrary that has not been accepted in writing by us would not be enforceable against us. The prices, conditions of sale and technical specifications appearing on the aforementioned website abrogate and replace those previously published.

Delivery - Transport

Delivery times begin to run from the dispatch of the order acknowledgment. These deadlines being given as an indication without commitment, a delay can not justify the cancellation of the order, nor give rise to compensation or penalties. Delivery is deemed to have been made as soon as the material is taken over by the carrier at our premises. Our goods travel at the risk and peril of the buyer whatever the mode of transport and the delivery conditions, even in the case where the prices are established "Free of port". It is the buyer's responsibility to carry out all checks and, in the event of any missing or damaged items, himself make any reservations he deems useful with the responsible carrier. We are released from the obligation to deliver by any case of force majeure or fortuitous event (strikes, etc.).

Property reserve

AXESSPACK® expressly retains ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of their price in principal and interest. As long as our right of ownership exists, no sale, seizure, guarantee, rental or other provision of the acquired material can take place without the prior written authorization of our company. Upon delivery, the buyer assumes the risk of loss and deterioration of the goods sold as well as the damage they may cause for any reason whatsoever. In the event that the buyer does not respect a payment deadline, AXESSPACK® may require, by simple registered letter, the return of the goods delivered, at the buyer's expense until the latter has executed all of its commitments.

Order, Price and Terms of Payment

The order only commits us after confirmation from us and sending an acknowledgment of receipt (order confirmation). Our prices and conditions of sale are subject to revision according to the legislation in force. Our prices are those in effect at the time of placing the order and are exclusive of taxes, plus VAT. They do not include transport costs which are invoiced in addition, as well as administrative costs (a flat rate of 10 Euros) for orders less than 150 Euros excluding tax. For your first order which will be the subject of the opening of your customer account and for all orders less than 80 Euros, payment to the order is requested. If your customer account is already open and if your order is greater than 80 Euros HT, the invoice must be paid 30 days net from the date of dispatch by check or by draft accepted and returned within 10 days of dispatch. A deposit of 30% will be due for any order exceeding 800 Euros HT. Any sum not paid on its due date will be increased, after sending us a notification by registered mail with AR, penalties at the rate equivalent to one and a half times the legal interest rate in force on the date of due date for payment of the invoice concerned and the amount of the lump sum compensation for recovery costs due set by article D.441-5 of the French Commercial Code. These penalties will be payable on simple request.

Technical specifications

The characteristics of the articles mentioned on the aforementioned website are only indicative. We reserve the right to make any changes that we deem appropriate, even after receipt of the order, without however the essential characteristics being affected.


Les articles vendus par AXESSPACK® sont garantis contre tous vices de fabrication, notre responsabilité étant limitée au simple remplacement de ceux que nous aurons reconnu défectueux, les frais de port aller-retour restent à la charge du client. Pour être recevables, les éventuelles contestations doivent être motivées et portées à notre connaissance par lettre recommandée avec AR dans un délai de 7 jours suivant la réception des articles vendus. La garantie n'interviendra que si l'utilisateur respecte les préconisations d'AXESSPACK®, tant sur le type d'accessoires que sur son montage. Nos clients sont seuls à connaître la composition et le comportement de leurs produits ainsi que les conditions de transport, de manutention et de stockage et, par là même, leur compatibilité avec les articles que nous leur livrons. Il leur appartient d'effectuer les essais de compatibilité et de résistance des emballages commandés avec les produits conditionnés. Ils sont donc seuls responsables des dommages qui pourraient survenir du fait de la composition, du comportement ou de la compatibilité de leurs produits avec nos articles, ainsi que des conséquences dues à la législation sur le transport des matières dangereuses. Notre garantie exclut les conséquences de l'usure normale ou celles d'une utilisation anormale ou d'un manque d'entretien.


The items sold by AXESSPACK® are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects, our liability being limited to the simple replacement of those that we have recognized as defective, the return shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer. To be admissible, any disputes must be justified and brought to our attention by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 7 days of receipt of the items sold. The warranty will only come into effect if the user respects the recommendations of AXESSPACK®, both on the type of accessories and on their assembly. Our customers are the only ones to know the composition and behavior of their products as well as the conditions of transport, handling and storage and, therefore, their compatibility with the items we deliver to them. They are responsible for carrying out compatibility and resistance tests of the packaging ordered with the packaged products. They are therefore solely responsible for any damage that may occur due to the composition, behavior or compatibility of their products with our articles, as well as the consequences due to the legislation on the transport of dangerous materials. Our warranty excludes the consequences of normal wear and tear or those of abnormal use or lack of maintenance.

Attribution of jurisdiction

Any dispute, whatever its nature, will be brought notwithstanding any clause to the contrary before the Commercial Court of Lyon, even in the event of a warranty claim.